15-Minute Meal: Who Has Time to Cook?

What's your quick and easy recipes?

We want to know them, more importantly, we know that you will LOVE to add a few things to your repertoire.

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  • Ohh nice ideas ladies! I've never really eaten Kangaroo but I'm very partial to a bit of spinach and Kale. I'm going to add these for things to try this week! Thanks again

  • 500g mince meat (my fave is kangaroo), bottle of Mutti parmigiano reggiano sauce, 1 each of Birds Eye frozen chopped spinach & chopped kale. Cook those together while you boil some pasta. Quick & easy spaghetti bolognese that doesn’t require as much attention as your little one does around dinner time. If you’ve got more time, chop some fresh veg to go in the bolognese mix as well 🍝 😋

  • I am all for these quick recipies because I am not a fan of cooking but I am a huge fan of eating! My go-to is my combination of fried rice and curry (which is ironically my racial mix - Indian and Malay). So ...rice, frozen veges will do, any meat, I usually use mince beef or chicken to avoid cutting it, chopped onion amd garlic and a tablespoon of standard curry powder. So quick and so easy. And hits the spot!!


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