Looking after my Glow Dreaming unit

How to get the best out of my Glow / How you should look after it.


· Make sure you do not run the Glow 24/7. I know Glow works hard but in between uses please as often as you can empty the water and turn off the power at the source. This will reset the unit. 

· Never unplug the electrical power cord out of the back of your Glow unit without first, turning the power off at the source.

· Use fresh cold tap water for every use. So, if you are using Glow for both day sleeps and night sleep make sure you're using fresh cold tap water and fresh Glow Lullaby drops.

· Once a week and some warm water and a about half a cup of vinegar let sit for 30 mins then empty water (only ever from the Drain side) then gentle wipe out with a dry cloth. Stagnate water and essential oils build up in the unit so this is a must!

· Once a week also clean the lid. This can also get a build-up. You can clean the lid and the designer sleeve simply using warm soapy water and a cloth and let it air dry

· Where possible only plug the Glow Dreaming directly into a PowerPoint, not share it with an electrical board with other appliances.

All these little tips will help you get the best from your Glow.

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