Yes, if desired you can mix the oils in our essential oil line!

Our essential oil line currently includes Glow Lullaby Sleepy Essential Oil, Baby Care: Nose & Chest, and Baby Care: Immunity Boost.

You can find the full list of our oils here

As our oils are already blended, please keep in mind that they will be most effective when used on their own.

Our Recommendation

For best results we do recommend using Baby Care: Immunity Boost and Baby Care: Nose & Chest during the day in conjunction with the Green LED Light setting.

Utilising our immune defence oils during the day will allow your child to get all the benefits of the oils. At sleep time, we advise you to just use the Glow Lullaby Sleepy Essential Oils as per your recommended dose for your child's age. The Glow Lullaby Sleepy Essential Oil will not only be most effective in helping your child sleep when used alone, but it also has benefits like helping clear airways of mucus and ease breathing to keep them comfortable during the night. 


The Green LED promotes focus and concentration, as well as this can improve your child's mood. Having the humidifier running with your immune defence oils during the day will improve productivity, mood and help your child get the most out of their play and learning time.

If I still want to mix the oils together, how do I do this?

It is important to keep within the recommended dosage amount as outlined on the Glow Lullaby Essential Oil bottle.

You can also find these dose amounts (based on age) below!

0 - 8 Weeks 0 drops
2 - 6 months 1-2 drops
6 - 24 months 2-4 drops
2 - 5 years 4-6 drops
6 - 8 years 6-8 drops
8 + years 10 drops

Ensuring you are keeping to the recommended dosage, you can play around with the ratio to your own needs, for example:


You have a 1-year old (drops recommended 2-4) you can put 2 drops of one oil and 2 of another. Or, should you want to use all 3 oils blends, you can do 2 of one, and one drop of the other two.

1 Drop Glow Lullaby: 2 Drops Nose and Chest: 1 Drop Immunity Boost

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