Once you become a parent, your whole life becomes about your child or children. This is natural because you're navigating your way around looking after a small human and all of your time is dedicated to them.
It’s incredibly normal to want to make sure your child is okay 24/7, but somewhere amongst the diaper changes and cuddles we forget to take time out for ourselves.

It isn't often until we get so overwhelmed with life that we realise that ‘wow, I’ve got no time for myself’. The key here is not to get to that place, but to take those moments for yourself along the way so that you are always fully equipped to handle whatever life throws at you.

It might be the case that you really have to schedule that time for yourself into your weekly calendar, and most importantly, not feel guilty about it!

The mum guilt is a real thing, we know!

There is nothing wrong with keeping your mental and physical well-being in check - and I’ll tell you why…

When you are at your best, your children will know it!

As a family, it is normal to always be feeding off each other’s energy and following in the habits of one another. Following a good lifestyle that includes some much-needed R&R is not only beneficial for you on the family front, but on a personal one as well.

It could be having a bath where the toys stay on the side of the tub and not in the water, or even a walk around the block or to the gym.

Whatever you feel like you want to do...ducking off to read through a few chapters of that book you’ve been DYING to read for a while now!

What do you do that give you that much needed ‘YOU’ time?
Favourite hobbies to partake in, or genre of book… share it with us below!

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