Child Development: Outdoor Exploration!

Not only is this a great reason to get out and about, get some fresh air and sunshine, but it’s a great idea to observe different things around us!

This is particularly beneficial for your child development as it presents an opportunity to observe with (almost) all their senses. They will learn to focus their attention on certain things and become aware of their surroundings.


Encourage exploration by travelling at their pace and asking them questions about different things. Prompting them to think deeper about things is a great way of showing them that what they’re saying, and thinking is important and relevant.

A great idea to ask them with different sensory questions, for example:

  • What does that feel like?  
  • What does that smell like?
  • Can you hear that? What sounds are they?
  • Can you see that? What does that look like? What shape is that? What colour is that?


All these questions promote engagement and thinking. If something happens to grab your child's attention more so than something else, it is a great opportunity to learn more about it, perhaps at reading time!

Did you ever take a nature walk with your child?

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