Having baby home that first week is like nothing you’ll have ever experienced!

Through the love and the tough times, you will slowly learn your newest little life, just as they will learn you!


During your first week baby will spend most of their time feeding, sleeping and bonding with you!


Cuddles (skin on skin), talking to baby and smiling at them are all wonderful ways to begin bonding with your little one!

If you have any concerns during your first days home don’t feel like you’re unequipped or not doing something right, it is perfectly normal to feel uncertain about something.

Trust your instincts, going with your gut is always a good thing as a mother - if there is still something that is keeping on your mind call your GP or paediatrician. DO NOT SELF DIAGNOSE! There is so much awesome information out there on the world wide web but sometimes we are not trained to apply it and we can make the wrong assumptions - best to leave it to the professionals!


  • Baby’s head will be a bit of a cone shape! This is just normal after travelling through the birthing canal! If you had a cesarean this may not be the case for you, however the baby's head will round out naturally in the days to come!
  • Keep the umbilical cord clean and dry! It will naturally call off in around 10 days! - If you notice the umbilical cords get red and sticky, take baby into your doctor!
  • Your little human is going to be feeding, and doing lots of it! Feeds will happen every 2-4 hours and baby will feed around 8 to 12 times in a 24 hour period! This is important for weight gain after birth and strong, healthy development!
  • You baby knows your voice, they heard it for 9 months in the womb! Don’t be afraid to talk to your little one, they will find comfort and familiarity in this!
  • We asked our community to share their advice with mums who are freshly home from the hospital. It makes a real difference when you hear advice from other parents who have been in your position.   


Take it as it comes. Don’t be concerned with anything other than what's necessary.


Don’t feel pressured to have visitors. This is your time.


Enjoy every moment. Your routine will come naturally


Don’t be so hard on yourself! Accept all the help you can get from loved ones and less visitors.


Don’t worry about house work!


What is/was the most exciting thing about bringing baby home?! Share with us your experiences!

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