The Importance of Mother's Groups

Amongst the happiness and pride that comes with the arrival of your newest family member, there are some other factors that may not be so openly talked about.

Parenthood can be challenging as well as isolating. For first time mum’s or even mum’s who have had bubs before, learning to look after a little life is a big adjustment,

There can be fear and uncertainty amongst the excitement of being a parent and often people can feel guilt for that. The truth is, you can only be so prepared. What you’re feeling is totally, 100%, completely natural!

The most reassuring thing is that YOU’RE NOT IN THIS ALONE. There are mums all around the world who feel just like you, and they all come together to support and lend a hand and a shoulder when needed. They’re called Mother’s Groups.

Here are a few reasons why they would be helpful to you.



You will find companionship amongst the other mums there and so will your bub!

The probability of there being a baby similar in age to yours is quite likely. You will be able to share your own experiences or struggles, or perhaps be able to offer support to someone who is going through something you did.

You will also learn from the experiences of others. More so than this, it will give you someone to talk to.

Isolation is not usually a word someone would put in the brainstorm of ‘motherhood’ but its very real and can be common. Just interacting with other people who know what you’re feeling can truly make a world of difference.



Through the above-mentioned support, you will find those learnings you need and people will find them from you!

Night’s spent searching the internet for your answers and plans can only be so helpful.

Having the real story, the real struggle and the real results is the next level. Perhaps everything that has worked for other mums may not work for you, but it will give you direction and half the battle of arriving at the destination is know which way to head!



Parenthood does require some changes on your part. Sometimes you may feel a loss of something, not being able to do all the things that your friends without children do.

This doesn’t mean you cannot do them, and that is the misconception.

You aren’t giving up a life because you decided to create one, and until you’re in it you don’t truly understand it.

Those bonds you make with other parents are important because they too understand that though some activities may need to be slightly altered, they don’t need to be forgotten.

More than that, it will offer you a friendship with a foundation of understanding. Where, when plans change at the last minute, you don’t need to worry about all those excuses or fears of friendships lost when it happens 4 times in a row, because they will just GET IT!


These are just some of the reasons why finding a group of people who are in the same boat as you can be helpful. For fathers, they have similar groups, just the same as they have spaces where both partners can go together.

Are you in/were you in a mother’s group?

What benefit did you find in it?!

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