Organisation and Cleaning Up Toys!

Organisation is a must, we do it in very aspect of our lives, especially where TOYS are concerned!

Bins, tubs, baskets, shelves - we could name them all and know you’ve given them all a fair go!

Things can get overwhelming, we understand that completely.

Your child is growing up and in that comes an understanding of where things, like toys, live in the house! This is a great time to teach them exactly where things go.


So often children associate helping around the house as a negative thing, with words like ‘chores’ associated with them. Helping out where they can is vital, it also give them responsibility and purpose, so lets make it fun from the start!

A great way to get help and engagement is from a ‘Clean Up’ song!


We’ve linked a crowd favourite for you below!

Play this song when it’s time to get the job done. Allow these things to have an element of excitement  attached to them, and when everything is completed your little one will swell with pride of a job well done!



How did you get your child to engagement with clean up time?


Let us know your wisdom below!

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