This week on the community we bring to you activities for the school holidays. Keeping your little ones entertained can be difficult if you’ve taken all you have out of your bag of tricks.this_week_on_the_community.png


  • Pick eaters? Yep, we know those struggles! We’ve got you covered with some helpful, reputable advice. 
  • Origami! Create a range of fun animals all with a piece of paper! Grab the pencil pot and personalise them yourself! Find FREE resources on instruction to make your zoo of origami animals! 
  • Use your hands to draw! You would be surprised the amount of different shapes you can make with your hands and then, after tracing, what they will become! Exercise that imagination and draw, draw, draw!


 Father-to -be packing guide! They need a bag too, find out the essentials and share what you found to be helpful too!


Sharing is caring, this much we know is true. But it’s more than that, it’s an important part of growing up. Monkey see monkey do with this did you teach your children the importance of sharing?


Achievable goals, not unattainable goals. Help yourself along the journey, don’t just focus on the destination! Find our FREE resource to help YOU reach your goals!


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