Best Developmental Toys for your Baby

Every month at the beginning of a baby’s life is filled with so much learning and change.

Because we know this, we know that there are different toys that help them best in whatever stage of development they’re in!

We have compiled the best 2 toys for each age bracket up to 2 years of age!

New Born

  • Activity Mat
  • Use the matt without any of the clip ons that hang from the arches as this can be a bit too overwhelming for a newborn. Place the matt over a cushy surface like carpet or a rugg and use it for tummy time!



  • Music Playing Mats/Toys
  • Hearing is one of the first senses to mature in a baby. Introducing music at this age can be both calming and stimulating. Fast tempo rhymes can excite your bub where as having mum or dad sing a lullaby can calm them down.


1 Month

  • Activity Mat
  • Now you can add clip on toys! We recommend to clip them around the perimeter of the arches, not have them all in the middle! This will encourage your little one to look around and get those neck muscles working!


  • Mobile
  • Colour isn’t really a factor in your baby's vision until about 3 months old. So balck and why patterns really hold their attention! You can purchase mobiles with interchangeable hanging option to suit different age groups!


2 - 3 Months

  • Plastic RIngs / Baby Keys / Crinkle Toys
  • All of these things allow baby to start learning with their hands! They will be encouraged to grasp things and find out exactly what those little hands can do!



  • Baby Mirror
  • Your baby is now noticing their own reflection and beginning to see things for what they are...literally! Having a baby mirror on an activity matt or even in the car is a great idea!


4 - 5 Months

  • Teething Toys
  • Gum pains can being around 4 months old, even though teeth maybe 1 or 2 months off, it is a good idea to get them something to much on. A great tip is to keep your teething toys in the fridge as the coolness will sooth their gums!



  • Rattles
  • Rattles are fantastic for exercising those arms and learning their grip even more! They’re also great for teaching in the way that baby will come to realise that when they shake the rattle, sound comes out! They are learning that by doing ‘A’ you can get ‘B’ - this ties into their interactions with the things around them as well as problem solving!

  • Know-Knock Blocks
  • These big, soft blocks are a good toy that your baby can grow with. In their younger months they will find them fascinating with different textures and patterns. When they begin to grow they will love stracking and creating with them!


6 - 8 Months

  • Board/Cloth Books
  • Great for little hands to learn and feel new textures, and hear new sounds. Not only can you read to them, but this another one of those toys that allow your baby to learn more about what their little hands can do! Not to mention, books in these forms are near indestructible!


  • Stacking Cups
  • These are great for hand-eye coordination. This toy also teaches your baby about object-permanence; how something can still exist even when you can’t see it!


9 - 11 Months

  • Play Kitchen
  • Exploring is key at this age! If you have the space a kiddy kitchen a great idea! Opening/closing as well as filling and emptying the cupboards is great for bubs at this age. They also feel a sense of importance and connection when they can play with different household items that they have seem mum and dad use themselves!



  • Activity Table / Water Table
  • Seeing how things work is also fascinating at this age! Buttons that light up, different bits-and-bobs to play and move around, sounds and noises - you’re allowing your baby to figure out what all of their senses do! As well as the indoor activity tables, the summer version being a water table is also a good time. It’s similar in concept but works with water.


 1 Year

  • Push and Pull Toys
  • Like little walkers, baby lawn mowers as well as the animal on a string. This allows them to understand the different movements, as well as cause and effect.



  • Ride-on Toys
  • Like bikes without the wheels that require you to push with your feet or maybe a tricycle! These types of toys allow your child to explore their environment with more independence.



2 Years

  • Musical Instrument
  • Dress Up
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Connecting Toys


All of the above have a combined development value of hand-eye coordination, problem solving, spatial awareness and independent play.


Did you have any toys that you thought were most beneficial for your child at certain age groups? Share them with us below!

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