Party Games You Know Will Be A Hit!

Birthday parties are important milestones for children. Sharing those events with their friends and families is full of so much excitement and fun!

Filling that time with activities that all kids can participate in and games that allow everyone to have a good time is just as important and can sometimes leave you a little stumped for ideas…

We’ve got all your party ideas right here. Save yourself the hours spent scouring the internet, we’ve done it for you!


Musical Statues

This one's a crowd favourite! Not only is it a great time for the children to rock out to their favourite music but it expels some of that energy generated by all the birthday cake consumed!


Pass the Parcel

Grab yourself a couple of newspapers from the day before and take over the dollar section at Kmart!

This is a wonderful idea to allow the other children to feel special as well! We know the day is about the birthday boy or girl but sometimes, especially amongst the really little ones, you can kind jealous or envy comes out to play

It’s okay, they’re still learning and understanding their feelings and emotions, so through this game you can be sure everyone has a little moment to shine when the music stops and they get a turn to unwrap the parcel!


Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This is one your can make up at home and it truly is a bunch of fun..even the adults can get involved!

Print out a ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ sheet from the internet and the tails (attached at the bottom), grab a blind fold, spin around a few times and give it a go!


Scavenger Hunt

This is another activity that allows the kids to get outside and use some of that energy! Just the same, if you find your party falls on a rainy day, this one works well in doors too!

Little nick-nacks are ideal for this one, from crayons to stickers to a little chocolate - nothing generates excitement quite like a scavenger hunt!


What have you found to be popular activities at parties you’ve been to or hosted?!

Share them below!

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