Can Glow Dreaming help with Night Terrors?

Night terrors occur during the non-REM part of sleep. They are most common in children between the ages of 2 and 12.

They are not related to nightmares but are more like sleep walking.

Night terrors can occur from a range of things, a couple of the main ones being routine and over tiredness.

Melatonin therapy has been proven to have a significant effect in combating night terrors. This is directly linked to the Red LED Light of the Glow Dreaming. The function of the Red LED Light when turned on is to produce the hormone Melatonin in the brain.

The Pink Noise is shown to improve the deep phases of sleep, also known as the REM phase. This is the part of sleep where night terrors do not happen. This aspect of the Glow Dreaming can also assist.

Melatonin production is the most effect contributor here. Though it may take a period to see real, solid change. It is response in combating night terrors is highly positive.

For further information of night terrors, you can see the articles linked below.



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