Can Glow Dreaming help with Spectrum (ASD low and high)?

Glow Dreaming can assist with children on the spectrum (ASD Low and High) regarding their sleep.

If you believe your child may be on the spectrum, we urge you to seek out a medical professional.

All the functions of Glow Dreaming can prove to be helpful with children on the spectrum.

Research has shown that the Red LED Light function of the Glow Dreaming that produces the Melatonin hormone in the brain has had the largest impact on sleep.

It is important to note that every child, whether Low or High, is different.

You can find some photosensitivity with children with ASD and so utilising the timer function may be useful; thought the Red LED Light will put them to sleep it can also wake them up.

We have had a lot of success with improving the sleep of children on the spectrum when giving them the support of one of our Sleep Specialist.

The purpose of our Glow Sleep Specialists is that they will listen to your concerns and problem areas in your child’s sleep, and work with you to find the best way to use the Glow for your unique situation.

It may require some patience and back and forth corresponding, but we assure you that we will do our best to help you as we have helped many people in your situation before.


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