Being a parent - overwhelming

Living life in general - overwhelming


Put them together and we can see the spots that might get a bit much sometimes.

We want you to know you’re not the only one that’s felt that way, and that’s why we’ve scoured every corner of the internet to bring you the best advice on how to overcome it.

When you’re worked up and in a bit of a tizzy tying to do 40,000 things at once, ‘slowing down’ isn’t even a thought in your mind.

Take a moment to calm the storm, when you’re frazzled everything becomes difficult.

After this, see the situation, and just go with it.


Don’t neglect the feeling. If there is an overpowering sense of overwhelm, acknowledge it. This needs to be worked through not worked over.


Don’t set yourself expectations that can’t be met. Expecting too much of yourself is not going to lift you up. YOU’RE HUMAN TOO!

Most importantly, these feelings don’t define you.

 Acknowledge that you can you anything but not everything.

Prioritisation is key here, the important stuff goes first, everything else is an add on later if you can.

Sweating the small stuff never helped get anything done! One thing at a time, and don’t put the pressure on your to do it otherwise.


Planning is good, but it’s just that...the plan! Don’t live for the next moment, and the next after that.

Planning gives clarity and I believe it is also important, but when you have mapped out your thoughts and movements, come back to the present and live in the moment. (cliche but true!)


What do you do to overcome the overwhelm?

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