The Glow Dreaming Community is built around the idea that you are not in this alone. We want to support you and stand by you throughout your journey.

We also know that in our amazing community, we have created a space where Dreamers can help other Dreamers. We believe that this should be recognised!

That is why we have created a badge system. We wholeheartedly support Dreamers helping Dreamers and appreciate that the Glow Community is where it is because of you!


If you would like to know how to be a Helpful Dreamer and earn your badges, you can find that information below!


New Dreamer

Helpful Dreamer

Passionate Dreamer

Ultimate Dreamer

Dream Moderator

(A community member that Glow Dreaming has authorised as a reliable individual to moderate the community)

Glow Specialist

 (A Glow Dreaming employee)


Earning different badges is done through a variety of interaction points with the community.

Participation by creating conversations, joining conversations that are already live, giving feedback about the community and sharing your ideas for what you would like to see.

Glow Dreaming Community is a place where your opinion is valued and where you can share your experiences and learn from the experiences of others.

These interactions will be awarded with badges.





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