Terms of Etiquette

Be Welcoming

Here at the Glow Dreaming Community, we aspire to maintain and create a positive and supportive space. We want all of you Dreamers to always feel supported by us and by each other!

We encourage you all to be welcoming to one another. As the Glow Dreaming Community grows, you will maintain and develop new ties with one another that will help you in knowing you are not in this alone!


Be Respectful

It is important to remember that though you are interacting online, you are conversing with real people, just like you!

The things you say can affect those who read them, so it is imperative that you refrain from negative comments, personal attacks or general rudeness when engaging with the Glow Dreaming Community.

Treat others how you would like to be treated!


Strong Language

The use of capital letters and exclamation points can change the tone of your message.

When interacting online, it can be difficult to grasp how someone intended their message to be received. In cases like this, it can often occur that a message is unintentionally delivered and received wrong.

A great way to ensure your message conveys your voice and opinion nicely is by reading it out loud before sending. This way you can get a feel on how the recipient may interpret the message!


Humor & Sarcasm

When interacting online, humor and sarcasm come about in conversation as if you were talking face to face! However, there is a difference between being funny and being rude.

We must remember boundaries, as mentioned in ‘Be Respectful’.

Using someone’s appearance, race, personality, lifestyle for the purpose of a sarcastic comment or joke is not appropriate. If this circumstance arises during your use of Glow Dreaming Community, you are to report it immediately and action will be taken.

With this in mind, we still want you to have a good time! So, using emoticons and smilies can help ensure your joke is received the right way!


Inappropriate Material

When using Glow Dreaming Community, we maintain a PG (parental guidance) level of engagement.

When engaging with the community and other community members, you will refrain from using offensive and degrading language.

You will refrain from sharing inappropriate content.

The following types of content may be classified as prohibited (Broadcasting Services Act 1992):

  • footage of real or simulated violence, criminal activity or accidents from video clips, games or films
  • sexually explicit content
  • images of child sexual abuse
  • content that advocates the doing of a terrorist act
  • content instructing or promoting crime or violence.

If you see any of this material on the Glow Dreaming Community, you must report it immediately. If you share any of this material your membership will be revoked immediately, and authorities will be alerted.



Due to different beliefs and opinions, we only condone those that align with the Australian Government’s stance on childcare and caring for children.

When engaging with Glow Dreaming Community, we acknowledge and understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Please keep in mind that we only promote a positive community environment. Negativity in the form of forcing your opinion on another or shaming someone for their beliefs is not tolerated and will result in the review of your membership within the Glow Dreaming Community.


Be Forgiving

For some, this will be the first time in an online community, and for others, they might not yet comprehend the correct way of interacting on this platform.

While we need to be conscious of the appropriate way to behave, we must also be forgiving in some areas.

Interacting online is different than face to face, if you feel someone may not have grasped the appropriate etiquette of engaging with an online community, you can forward them these terms or let them know kindly yourself.


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