When we make our minds up to do something, whether it is a fitness goal, a home décor goal, a personal growth goal, no matter what it is we can often want it NOW, which means setting unattainable goals.

When you can see the vision of where you want to be or how you want something to look in your mind, it's difficult to process the amount of time and work required between now and then.

This is where we come to Achievable Goals!

Break it down.

Whatever idea you have in your mind, whether it be for you or your child – it’s important to tackle it step by step.

Setting goals that you know you can reach in a week or month, or even setting goals you know you can surpass is a great way to maintain confidence and motivation so you can get where you need to go.

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Having a table like the one above is a great way to map out your success as a visual, where you can cross things off as you come to achieve them and move past them! 

How do you maintain motivation through the process of achieving your goals?!

We know it can be hard, so we want to know your secrets!

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