Children are naturally caring and generous, it’s simply their nature!

The phrase that goes ‘monkey see, monkey do’ is true.

Children learn from watching and are often prone to giving what they get (showing the same behaviours that are shown to them).

It’s a great idea to encourage and praise sharing from a young age. There are multiple ways to do this!

You could get your child to help with picking a charity to donate to! This is a great one. Even a sum of $1 – it’s about the act of giving.

You are the role model here. They will watch you to see how ‘sharing’ is done the right way!

Talking about how sharing with others is beneficial, resulting in someone else’s happiness! Explaining that when they have something and it makes them happy, allowing someone else to feel that way too is a wonderful thing!

‘Sharing is Caring’ is an old saying, but still so relevant and it really does say it all.


It’s important to note that ‘sharing’ doesn’t always need to include a sum of money.

Sharing can occur in several ways. Giving someone a compliment, going through old unwanted toys and donating these, or as an adult or teenager, you could donate blood.

Happiness comes from sharing and having the understanding that they’re making a difference. This then translates into problem-solving and empathising traits – things that help when interacting with the world around them!

How did you introduce sharing to your child? Did you come across some bumps in the road? If so, how did you overcome them!

Share with us your tips on teaching this important life school!

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