Premium Service - What is the Glow Sleep Premium service and how do I use it?

For about 70% of customers Glow Dreaming works right out of the box on the base settings.

For the other 30%, we need to tailor the settings to achieve the best results.

What we've learned through helping now over 100,000 families is that there are certain combinations of settings that worked best depending on how your child reacts to the base settings. 

The most important thing with introducing Glow Dreaming is consistency. You may see a slight regression over the first 3 night’s and this is very normal. Please keep the settings the same and let your child adjust to the new and exciting object in their room. It also makes it easier for us to identify what might be the issue as we have a consistent pattern. After 6 nights we have a base so that we can tailor something specifically for your child.

If after 6 nights you haven't seen any positive change in sleep behaviour lodge a request for a consultation through our customer service platform and answer the questions below for us to quickly send you a new combination of settings that are more likely to work for your child.  

To help us find what the best settings for your child will be, please fill out the form HERE

For all premium customers, we offer an additional 7 days one on one support service from our sleep specialists. If you would like to make a request for further assistance you can go HERE.

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