Rest assured that your child isn’t having a tantrum to spite you. The world is big and they’re still learning, sometimes it can be difficult to grasp certain situations.


Take their mind off the situation. Don’t really know what it is? That’s okay. Just take they mind off it.

In-Sight, In-Mind. They will turn their curiosity elsewhere and soon will forget their initial worries!

Speak Calmly.

We don’t want to scare them, frighten them or make them feel like they’re in trouble.

Don’t add fuel to the fire.

Especially when a tantrum happens in public, you can feel the same as your little one is exhibiting on the outside, on the inside. It’s hard and we know it.

Having that calm voice and keeping your tone pleasant will 1. Help you also maintain your calmness yourself, and 2. Help wind down your little one from their troubles.

Soft voice and gentle demeanor will help the situation not escalate, once bub see’s you’re calm, get them to look at you and try to reassure them that it’s okay.


A hug, sometimes that’s all it takes.

If the world is too big and you’re confused and don’t quite understand why you couldn’t have this-or-that, or why you had to leave a certain place, a bit of comfort can be just what is needed.

Don’t force a hug if you don’t think it will help, sometimes just getting that eye contact and holding a hand can do the trick!


I mean, this would work for me, even now!

In all honesty, food is the best incentive, and it may be a good idea to always have a favourite snack on you, just in case!

Tantrums can be tough because they can come about for lots of different reasons.

Share with us your wisdom, parents!

What are your tantrum tips?


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