NEWBORN: Father To Be Packing for the Hospital

Heading to the hospital with your loved one means you also need to pack and be prepared.

We’ve compiled our go-to tips that might make it a bit easier for you!

Clothes and Toiletries!

  • Change of clothes
  • PJ’s
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Medications or vitamins.

You may not be staying overnight at the hospital, but you could be there for a long time or until late in the evening.

Things may not go to plan and it’s always important to be prepared for whatever may come. This is also a huge moment for you. So, having things that will help you keep calm, clean and comfy is important!




Yes, the hospital has supplies but you don’t want to have to wait or chase someone and end up with something that may not do the job.

  • Packet soups are an easy option.
  • Take a bottle of water or some juice poppers
  • throw in a trail mix.

You don’t want to have to depend on vending machines either, all the above will do the job to keep you sustained and awake!

Other Essentials

  • Cash
  • Phone number of important people


It’s always good to have a bit of money on you. I’m sure you’ll remember your phone, iPad/tablet or laptop for entertainment too (don’t forget the chargers!) but a book or newspaper might become a more attractive choice and this way you can duck out quickly if need be.

Make sure you know WHO to call and WHEN to call them!

  • Camera
  • Something to time contractions


These last two are for support and memories. You can download an app on your phone to help with keeping track of contractions, or you could just use a wristwatch!

If you want to get these precious moments on video or just photo, don’t forget to bring a camera!



What did you pack for the hospital? Did you find anything that you really wish you brought?



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