Crying = Communicating: Learning the Language

Hearing baby cry for the first time can be a tough one.

We associate crying with being upset or being hurt. Though this is true later in life, for your little one it is the only way they can communicate with you before they learn to speak!

Every baby cries for things in a different way. You might be thinking ‘how on earth will I learn what cry means what?!’ - Don’t worry, you will.

As you and baby spend more time together, you will learn them, and they will learn you!

Crying can mean a range of different things.

Baby could be too cold or too hot, hungry or tangled in their clothes. They could be a bit gassy or need to burp, or perhaps their just over tired.

A lot of these cry’s aren’t bad ones, they’re more a call for help when baby is uncomfortable or needs assistance. After all, they can’t change their own diapers just yet!!

How did you learn the differences between the cries of your little one?

Share your tips and wisdom in the discussion below!


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