Nights with Your Newborn: Be Prepared!

When your little one is born, it can be difficult to prepare for those first initial months of life, especially the night hours!

Baby Bellies

You may think that they’re eating all the time, but the truth is, their bellies can only hold a certain amount of milk, and that isn’t much!

Baby will wake up every 2-3 hours during the night for a feed. Don’t worry, this is normal!

As baby grows, so will their tummy, which means they can hold more milk and they will eventually sleep for longer periods.

Routine is Key

Establish a routine early!

The earlier you get them used to their life pattern, the easier it will be for the both of you!

This means bath, feed, dress, feed, walk outside, feed, nap, feed….

Bub will thank you for creating and sticking to a routine, and you will thank your past self for not leaving it too late!



A unswaddled baby can sometimes shock themselves awake by an arm or leg waving around!

Swaddling your little one for bedtime can help with maintaining sleep through even the lighter phases, as well as keeping them sound asleep during their deep phases of sleep.

Swaddling is a go-to until your little one can roll over, that’s when its no longer a good idea to swaddle!

Best way to put them down

After a feed or a cuddle, when you see bub starting to get all drowsy, this is when you should place them in their cot or Moses basket to fall asleep there, instead of in your arms.

This allows bub to become familiar with their sleeping space and feel safe in it.

If they happen to wake before their usual time, they will most likely self-sooth instead of worry about being somewhere they didn’t remember falling asleep in!


All Dreamers, we are calling you?! What’s one thing you wish you knew before bub came along, let us know in the Discussion Below!


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