Glow at your own pace - Glow Dreaming's 32 Day Trial Extension


Glow’s 32 Day Trial Extension is an add-on extension when purchasing a Glow Dreaming Starter Pack!

We understand that from bub to toddler to teen, everyone travels at their own pace.

We want you, as Glow Customers to be able to relax into your new routine with the peace of mind that if it doesn’t work after a fair go, you can send it back no questions asked!

At present, the 32 Day Trial Extension is an add-on only applicable to the purchases of new Glow Dreaming Starter Packs from the Glow Dreaming website.

Please note, that in the case of a return during the extended trial period, you will only be refunded for the physical product(s) you have purchased. This does not include the amount of the extended trial period add on.

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