Netflix Recommendation: Chill Time!

Straight off the bat I’m going to say it… Crazy Rich Asians!

What a movie, and I’ve watched a few too many times in a row…I love it!

From Romantic Comedies to Action to Thriller, I know I’m not the only one to loath flicking through the movie options, only to find one and be disappointed…

This is not the kind of evening we want, where you spend more time choosing the movie than watching it!

I have compiled for you my FAVOURITE watches so far, but I want to know yours!

  •   Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife
  •   Adam Devine: Best time of our Lives
  •   Crazy Rich Asians
  •   The Meg
  •   BEATS
  •   Hair Spray
  •   Always be my Maybe
  •   Harry Potter Series (can’t go wrong here)

 Let’s ban together, Glow Fam!

Leave in the discussion you favourite movies and shows so we can break the cycle of picking something to watch and getting disappointed…


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