Screen time can be unavoidable and handing your little one your phone doesn’t make you an inattentive parent or mean that you’re taking the easy way out.

Though it’s important to control how much screen time you give your little one, it is a necessity and a very helpful go-to when your out and about or bub is on a downward spiral.

So, keeping this in mind, when it isn’t avoidable, let’s make sure what they’re watching is positive and helpful in their development and learning.

They won’t know that they’re learning and growing, they will just be happy they are getting the iPhone or the iPad for some tv time!

  •  Wow English TV
  •  Little Baby Bum
  •  Laugh & Learn: Fisher-Price

These channels can be found on YouTube and provide educational and fun content for your little one.

We know that there is no one better to recommend popular videos or channels than you guys, our Glow Community!

We want to know YOUR Go-To’s!



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