Best setting for your age bracket

Your Glow Dreaming should be positioned on a side table or stool (preferable wooden), beside the bed where your child is sleeping. It should preferably be at eye level ans easy to see without your child having to get up. It can be positioned on a higher surface as long as you child can still see it, however it should never be below the height of their head placement.

When filling your Glow Dreaming with water do not fill above the max line. This will minimise the amount that can be dispersed from the unit. Fill slightly below the max line for optimal results.

Please use the below table to find the recommended settings for your child. Using more Glow Lullaby than recommended will not be harmful but it may over stimulate your child making sleep more difficult to achieve.

Wind-down: We recommend setting up the Glow Dreaming unit 15-20 minutes before bed. Set it on the brightest Red LED light, making sure that it is the only light source in the room. You can also use the humidifier function at the same time with the recommended Glow Lullaby drops of Oil.

Sleep: When it's time for sleep, turn the light on to the dullest Red LED setting and turn the Pink Noise on to the recommended setting.

For all ages 3 and over, we recommend that you start with the middle Pink Noise volume and based upon their feedback, adjust the volume accordingly.

These setting should be used for both daytime and evening sleep.

Age Bracket LED Wind-down setting LED Sleep setting Pink Noise Glow Lullaby Oil Humidifier Timer
0 - 8weeks Brightest Dullest Loudest 0 ON
2months - 4months Brightest Dullest Loudest 1 - 2 drops ON
4months - 9months Brightest Dullest Loudest 1 - 4 drops ON
9months - 15months Brightest Dullest Loudest 2 - 4 drops ON
15months - 3years Brightest Dullest Loudest 4 - 6 drops ON
3+ years Brightest Dullest Middle 6 drops ON
Teens & Adults Brightest Dullest Middle - Quietest up to 10 ON


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