Cara is the Founder and General Manager as well as the heart and soul of Glow Dreaming.

Cara strives always to help families get better night sleeps, yes energy and drive is really 'Glow Dreaming' in it's purest form.

Cara has now helped close to 50,000 families find the sleep they need.

It’s not just her vast knowledge and understanding of sleep, but Cara’s compassion, kindness and willingness to go above and beyond that has made Glow Dreaming the success it is today.

You'll find Cara spending most of her day, every day, providing the best solution to the most difficult situation, even when she’s meant to be on holiday!

In her precious down time Cara enjoys nothing more than getting out of the city. When she can, she enjoys saddling up a horse and taking on a trail. Family is a huge part of Cara's life and holds a lot of importance to her, and not to mention she’s partial to a bit of chocolate too!

Cara not only supports the Glow Community, but also the team behind the scenes. We couldn't have anyone better at the core of this business!

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