Steven is our Glow Dreaming Senior Business Strategy Analyst.
With a background in psychology, data analysis, nutrition, sports science, a decade worth of practical experience as a strength and conditioning coach for elite, amateur level Australian athletes as well as everyday people and over 7 years experience within the ICT industry within leadership roles, Steven brings a lot of knowledge to the Glow Dreaming Team.
With a vast skill set bringing science, customer service, infrastructure and an in depth understanding of bring about behavioural change makes Steven a strong generalist that allows him to understand the various facets of each team within Glow Dreaming, supporting them so that they can support you; our community!
Steven’s passion for health and well-being is his primary driver to deliver the best version of Glow Dreaming in all its aspects to the community! Steven always goes above and beyond to ensure we are supporting our community through every step we take.

Steven enjoys following up his workdays with a gym session with his wife, then spending time with his extended family. (Let's not forget the bond he shares with his four legged pals!)


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