Should I use Glow for day sleeps?

Great news, Glow Dreaming isn't just for use at night!

Glow Dreaming is just as successful for day naps. It will help your bub settle quicker and sleep for longer giving you the time you need to get things done or just sit down for some time.

The more you use your Glow the quicker your child will get used to the functions and settle into that sleep you all need. 

Use the same base settings as recommended for night sleep and enjoy your downtime 😊


  • Set up a bedtime routine 
  • make sure that before you start you set your Glow Dreaming up as per your recommended settings and have all other lights off except for the Glow of the red led from your Glow. 
  • Relax before bed. We recommend no screens or tech devices at least 30 minutes before sleep. 
  • Keep regular sleep and wake up times
  • Make sure that your child feels safe at night 
  • For babies make sure they are getting enough to eat (calories in) and have the opportunity to be on the floor moving around burning those calories during the day.
  • For older children get them involved in setting up the Glow during the bedtime routine. Create a story around the characters on your chosen sleeve or even create a story around the "magic" sleep drops that will help protect them at night. 

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