Does Glow Dreaming work for new born's? We advise that you start using Glow Dreaming from 8 weeks of age however it can be used earlier. The reason we say from 8 weeks is because firstly new born's are so unpredictable and their sleep is so erratic. They will settle quicker and sleep better but so many things may wake them up.

Also we do recommend that you don't use the oil until the child is 8 weeks of age because of how sensitive they are. The reason we say 8 weeks is because the ingredients within Glow Lullaby, while not harmful for your child, can be overstimulating for children that young, causing them to stay awake longer rather than fall asleep earlier. Glow Dreaming can be used before 8 weeks of age if you simply just run the humidifier without the Glow Lullaby oil. Children this young do need to be fed every 3-4 hours so they will wake during the night, however the Glow Dreaming can help them get to sleep initially. 

If you are using the Glow Dreaming for bubs under 8 weeks simply run the humidifier with just water. Use the red LED light and Slow Wave Sound as normal. You'll definitely see an improvement in sleep quality, but expect and understand that new born's wake frequently for feeding so they can continue to develop at a fast pace, which means the first 8 weeks can be hard for any new parent trying to get some sleep.

This is why we recommend Glow Dreaming be used for anyone from the age of 8 weeks and up. 




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