How long does the humidifier run for?

The Glow Dreaming comes equipped with three settings for the duration of the functions: 2H, 4H, and 10H.  

When using either the 2H or 4H timers, the Glow Dreaming will run for exactly this amount of time and then all three features (the LED, Pink Noise, and Humidifier) will stop running.  

The 10H setting lets the Glow Dreaming run indefinitely until manually switched off. The LED and Pink Noise will continue all night even when the Glow Unit has run out of water.  When set to 10H you will manually have to switch off the pink noise and led light manually.


If you want Glow to run all night without interruption but you don't want the humidifier to run all night only say fill the water up to halfway. Then the humidifier will say run for approximately half the time and when it runs out the red led and the pink noise will stay on until manually switched off. 


Always use fresh water for every use along with fresh drops of Glow Lullaby. Leaving stagnant water in the Glow Dreaming unit for long periods of time can often cause the unit to grow and breed mold, mildew, and even bacteria and then spew those allergens into your air along with the mist. Dirty mist may significantly worsen any allergy symptoms, so be sure to clean your unit according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Simply unplug the Glow and remove the power adaptor from the Glow unit and set it aside. Empty any remaining water out. Fill up your Glow tank with warm water from the tap and add about half a cup of vinegar. Let sit for about 30 minutes. Once time has passed empty the water and wipe the inside out with a dry soft cloth. You can immerse the entire lid and silicone sleeve in warm soapy water and give it a wipe around with a soft cloth. Rinse the lid and let air dry. 


We say the Glow Dreaming humidifier when filled to the 450ml mark will run for around 10H. This running time will also depend on the elements inside and outside your home. Cold, hot, and humid conditions can affect the running times and these things will vary the time Glow can run for. 


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