Dr Stéphane Pigeon was born in Brussels, Belgium, in December 1970 and is today he is considered one of the world’s leading sound specialists.

Dr Pigeon’s resume speaks for itself and this is why we specifically chose him to design and create the sound file you hear in your Glow Dreaming. Dr Stéphane Pigeon has created this sound using frequencies, a rhythm, and timing that induces drowsiness and helps the mind reach the most critical sleep state called Slow Wave Sleep.

Stéphane started his career working for the Royal Military Academy, working on various topics such as computer-assisted person identification, data fusion, channel coding, and audio processing. His last years were related to speech segmentation and language identification, in the context of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT).

Dr Pigeon also worked as a sound designer for Roland Corp Music designing the sounds you hear in many of their synthesizers today.

Stéphane was also the Belgian delegate at the Speech and Language Technology Research Group for NATO and an invited Professor at Collège Belgique Académie Royale des Sciences amongst other things.

Dr Pigeon’s expertise is second to none but more importantly, he had a real interest in the topic and went above and beyond in developing a system that could create the required sound out of such a compact small, and affordable product. What he has created is truly unique and a credit to his understanding of sound and how it works.

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