Is the Eucalyptus oil in Glow Lullaby safe?

Glow Lullaby is 100% safe for your child when used responsibly.

Dr Bo Hendgen is considered one of the world's leading authorities when it comes to Aromatic Medicine and she is the designer and maker of Glow Lullaby.

Some types of Eucalyptus oils are recommended to be avoided because of the extraction method and botanical strain. During some distillations of cheaper oils, the extraction process is not taken to the final end product and therefore the Eucalyptus oil will be incomplete. This means that the effect on the body will be lopsided- so think of taking a Vitamin C tablet or eating an organic orange.  Both offer Vitamin C but the orange also offers a whole range of other vitamins and minerals that assist with absorption and processing.

As an additional peace of mind please know that in each drop of Glow Lullaby there is less than 20% Eucalyptus oil, the major components are Lavender True and Sweet.

You can start using Glow Dreaming from 8 weeks of age. Of course, we do recommend you use it in the quantities and method outlined in your Glow Dreaming manual.

There is no physical risk to using the Glow Lullaby before 8 weeks however newborns are highly sensitive and may be overstimulated by the Glow Lullaby.

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