The new and original Glow Dreaming side by side


The first image is the original Glow Dreaming and the second image is the new Glow Dreaming.


Original Glow Dreaming New Glow Dreaming
No Pink Noise Pink Noise
No Volume levels 3 Volume levels
Fixed image on the Glow Dreaming Interchangeable silicone sleeves
The whole Glow Dreaming turns off when the humidifier is empty When the humidifier runs out the other features will continue to work until switched off
Push Buttons Flat Touch Buttons
Green function/on light Red function/on lights
High and Low mist function One mist function
10 to 12 Hours mist output dependent upon High/Low mist setting 10 to 12 Hours mist output
  Red or Green LED light
Smaller fog mouth Bigger fog mouth, specially designed to ensure it doesn’t get blocked by water droplets
Rounder shape Squarer shape
Power adapter plugs in underneath the Glow Dreaming Power adapter plugs into the side of the Glow Dreaming
Brand name on the lid Brand name on the base
Fog mouth on the side Fog mouth on the top
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