Transition - Will Glow help transitioning my child to their own room/bed?

One of the best things about a Glow Dreaming is that it's perfect to introduce to help with transitioning.

Transitioning is more about the parent's emotions than the child's and when you're ready so is Glow Dreaming. 

How does Glow Dreaming help?

The Glow Lullaby organic oil calms the nervous system and relaxes the muscles preparing your child for sleep. It is great for helping deal with the stress and anxiety this can bring. 

The red LED light further calms your child giving them a sense of safety and security. It also stimulates the body into producing melatonin which is the body's natural sleep hormone. 

The Slow Wave Sleep Sound function not only blocks out background sounds like white noise but actually helps your child fall into a deeper better sleep. This will ensure they don't wake up during the night looking for you. 

We have a huge number of customers buying the Glow Dreaming to help with their transitions, you know you're in good hands. We've helped thousands in exactly the same situation as you.   

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