Red LED light - why you need it.

It is often recommended that the best sleep is achieved in perfect darkness and in theory that’s a great idea but too often it is simply unrealistic. More recent studies have shown that getting bubs accustomed to perfect darkness is actually causing sleep issues as your child gets older. Too often it simply can’t be achieved.

Glow Dreaming not only helps your child get used to not requiring perfect darkness but also trains the body to produce the natural hormone melatonin in the evening when it’s needed.

Don’t be scared to use the Red LED light, embrace it and have a little patience because on the other side of the little bump you may experience is a lifetime of beautiful deep sleep.

Not only does the Red LED light stimulate melatonin but it also helps comfort your child relaxing and teaching them how to self settle when they do wake up. 

Here is a link to our blog on the science behind the Red LED light and its importance.

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